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Finally, is the end of the year for our MILF stepmom. She has her stepdaughter over her house, together with her boyfriend, she wanna know more about what they have done all year. All of the sudden, stepmom confess that her New Year’s Eve wish, is to get more naughty, fucking with strangers. Of course, her stepdaughter was in shock, wouldn’t say the same about her boyfriend. Saved by the phone, stepmom remains alone with her stepdaughters boyfriend. She thinks fast so she fakes a headache. A reason to lay down on his lap, her mouth being closer to his dick. Because she mentioned few minutes ago, about her dirty wish, when she tries to get his zipper off, he doesn’t fight back.

Actually he hoped for this to happen at some point. Stepdaughter is back in the room with them. But next day, in the morning, they meet each other in the kitchen. He craves for her pussy. Stepmom continue what she started last night. Teasing him. Getting into his brain and making him do to her all what she wants. Fingering is something she gets crazy for, her shaved pussy gets what she wants. Like she brainwashed him, she made him sit on a chair, so she can fulfill her wish. Things gets bad very fast, her stepdaughter caught them fucking in the kitchen. Stepdaughter is angry now and she starts packing, planning to go away. Her stepmom convinced her to stay and even more to join them.

The new year started great for all of them. Maybe next time, stepdaughter will come with a different boyfriend, for a new experience.


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