Blonde Stepmom Tasting Dick, Stepdaughter Joining


Blonde Stepmom Tasting Dick, Stepdaughter Joining

in a quaint suburban neighborhood, lived a blonde stepmother named Susan and her two stepdaughters, Emily and Sarah. Susan was a beautiful woman in her early thirties, with long, golden hair and bright blue eyes. She was married to John, Emily and Sarah’s father, and was doing her best to be a good stepmother to the two girls.

One day, Emily and Sarah came home from school to find their stepmother in the kitchen, baking a batch of cookies. They greeted her and asked if they could help. Susan smiled and agreed, and the three of them spent the afternoon baking and chatting.

As they worked, the conversation turned to boys and relationships. Emily, who was 18, was curious about sex and asked Susan if she could give her some advice. Susan hesitated for a moment, but then decided to be open and honest with her stepdaughter.

She told Emily about her own experiences and gave her some tips on how to pleasure a man. As she spoke, Susan couldn’t help but feel a little turned on. She had always been attracted to Emily, but had never acted on her feelings.

As she talked, she found herself staring at Emily’s lips and imagining what it would be like to kiss her. She quickly shook off the thought and continued speaking.

The next day, Emily came to Susan and asked if she could watch her and John have sex. Susan was shocked by the request, but Emily explained that she wanted to learn more about sex and thought this would be a good way to do it.

Susan was unsure at first, but eventually agreed. She and John went to their bedroom and closed the door. Emily listened at the door, trying to hear what was happening inside.

As she listened, she couldn’t help but feel aroused. She began to touch herself, imagining that it was her in bed with John, instead of Susan.

Meanwhile, Susan was giving John a blowjob, trying her best to pleasure him. She was enjoying the taste of his cock and the feel of it in her mouth.

As she sucked, she couldn’t help but think about Emily listening at the door. She imagined that it was Emily’s mouth wrapped around John’s dick, and this thought made her even more excited.

Suddenly, the door opened and Emily walked in. She was surprised to see her stepmother giving John a blowjob, but she was also turned on. She walked over to the bed and sat down, watching as Susan continued to suck John off.

Susan was shocked to see Emily, but she didn’t stop. Instead, she reached out and pulled Emily closer, guiding her hand to John’s dick. Emily began to touch John, feeling his hardness and enjoying the sensation.

Susan then leaned in and began to kiss Emily, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Emily responded, moaning softly as she felt Susan’s lips on hers.

John watched as the two women kissed and touched each other, feeling his excitement build. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and he came, shooting his load all over Emily’s hand and Susan’s face.

The three of them lay there, spent and satisfied. Susan couldn’t believe what had just happened, but she knew that she had enjoyed it. She looked over at Emily, who was still touching herself, and knew that this was just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

Actually he hoped for this to happen at some point. Stepdaughter is back in the room with them. But next day, in the morning, they meet each other in the kitchen. He craves for her pussy. Stepmom continue what she started last night. Teasing him. Getting into his brain and making him do to her all what she wants. Fingering is something she gets crazy for, her shaved pussy gets what she wants. Like she brainwashed him, she made him sit on a chair, so she can fulfill her wish. Things gets bad very fast, her stepdaughter caught them fucking in the kitchen. Stepdaughter is angry now and she starts packing, planning to go away. Her stepmom convinced her to stay and even more to join them.

The new year started great for all of them. Maybe next time, stepdaughter will come with a different boyfriend, for a new experience.


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Blonde Stepmom Tasting Dick, Stepdaughter Joining
Blonde Stepmom Tasting Dick, Stepdaughter Joining

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