His Stepmom Gives The Best Foot Job, Hard Dick


His Stepmom Gives The Best Foot Job, Hard Dick

there was a young man named Jake. Jake was a strapping, handsome lad with a hard body and an even harder dick. He had recently lost his mother and his father had remarried. His new stepmother, Maria, was a beautiful, voluptuous woman with long, curly brown hair and piercing green eyes.

Jake had always been a little wary of Maria, unsure of how to interact with her. But as time went on, he began to warm up to her. She was kind and caring, always taking the time to listen to him and offer advice. Plus, she had a way of making him feel welcome and comfortable in his own home.

One day, as Jake was lounging on the couch watching TV, Maria came in and sat down next to him. She asked him how he was doing and they struck up a conversation. As they talked, Jake couldn’t help but notice that Maria’s feet were bare. She had long, slender toes and smooth, soft skin. He had never really paid much attention to feet before, but something about Maria’s made him feel warm and tingly all over.

As the conversation continued, Jake found himself growing more and more aroused by Maria’s feet. He couldn’t explain why, but he just couldn’t take his eyes off of them. He found himself imagining what it would be like to touch them, to feel their softness against his skin.

Before he knew it, Jake had reached out and taken one of Maria’s feet in his hands. She looked at him in surprise, but didn’t pull away. Instead, she smiled and leaned back, letting him explore her foot with his fingers.

Jake was in heaven. He gently massaged Maria’s foot, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers. He rubbed her toes, feeling them wiggle beneath his touch. And all the while, he couldn’t help but notice that his dick was getting harder and harder in his pants.

Maria must have noticed, too, because she suddenly sat up and looked at him with a sly smile. ‘I see you’re enjoying yourself,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you let me return the favor?’

Before Jake could even respond, Maria had reached out and taken a hold of his dick. She began to stroke it gently, her fingers expertly working their way up and down its length. Jake moaned with pleasure, unable to believe what was happening.

Maria continued to stroke Jake’s dick, her fingers moving faster and faster. Jake’s moans grew louder and louder as his pleasure mounted. And then, just as he was on the brink of explosion, Maria stopped.

‘Not yet,’ she said with a wink. ‘I want to make this last.’

She leaned down and began to kiss and lick Jake’s dick, her tongue flicking at the tip. Jake thought he was going to lose his mind. He had never felt anything so good in his entire life.

And then, just when Jake thought he couldn’t take it any longer, Maria wrapped her foot around his dick and began to stroke it with her toes. Jake’s eyes rolled back in his head as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him.

It wasn’t long before Jake was gasping and moaning, his body wracked with ecstasy as he came harder than he ever had before. Maria continued to stroke his dick with her foot, milking every last drop of pleasure from his body.

When it was all over, Jake collapsed back onto the couch, completely spent. He looked at Maria with a mixture of awe and gratitude.

‘That was amazing,’ he said.

‘I’m glad you enjoyed it,’ Maria replied with a smile. ‘I’ll have to give you foot massages more often.’

And with that, Jake knew that his stepmother was truly the best.

Raining boring day, what can you do to change it? Every stepmom with a dirty mind, will know the answer. All that is needed is a cock in the house, doesn’t matter if it is her stepsons. You can tell that she is a special stepmom, her colorful nails and hair, make you think she is wild and ready to some spicy time. She find his dick and she doesn’t lose time at all. In his messy bed, she grabs her stepsons dick and starts to give him a hand job. He gets hard so fast, because she is the best at it and she did it before too. Before she gets that big cock in her juicy pussy, she makes sure that the penetration will be smooth, so she use her mouth and lips. A blow job full of saliva, teasing the dickhead just enough.

It’s her turn, her pussy is ready. Stepmom moves her panties to one side, stepson getting in there, filling her with the tip of his dick, ready for fucking. In the meantime, she teases her nipples, starting to play with her boobs. Is quiet because both of them enjoys it so much, talking feels like a waste of energy. She feels getting closer to cum, so with her foot and red pedicure, she worships his hairy dick. Getting him in the same point of pleasure. Finally he cum all over her feet, all over his dirty bed.

Dirty stepmom always finds something exciting to do, she never gets bored. Even if outside is raining, inside is like a summer day, hot and sweaty.


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His Stepmom Gives The Best Foot Job, Hard Dick
His Stepmom Gives The Best Foot Job, Hard Dick

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