Brunette Hot Stepmom Helping Me With My Full Balls


Brunette Hot Stepmom Helping Me With My Full Balls

As brunette stepmom was washing dishes in the kitchen, her stepson just came in, his cock hurting. She was scared and all she wanted to do was check it out to see what was wrong. Stepson is shy and he doesn’t want his dick out in front of her. But the pain is too big, so she checks it out.

The perverse stepmom is getting into her knees because his cock hurts because he needs to empty his balls. Starting to give him a hand job on his cock so he can cum and be pain-free. When she plays with his balls, she realizes that he is far from cumming so she gets into doggy and asks him to put his cock between her legs. He tries to cum again over the pants. All of a sudden, the stepsister catches them. Stepmom tries to explain the situation. His stepsister is now stroking his cock to assist him.

Next day, his slutty stepmother is sucking his cock and helping him out again.

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