Santa Dressed Stepmom Gets Fucked on Holiday


Santa Dressed Stepmom Gets Fucked on Holiday

This Christmas day, is the most favorite day of the year, even more for this stepmom. Seems to be quiet, chatting with her stepdaughter, costumes on, ready for party. Of course is not the party you expect, because all of the sudden, her old friend shows up.  Their dirty mind, thinks all the same, clothes off. At the beginning, her stepdaughter, is a bit shy, so the guy starts to comfort her and make her relax.

Gorgeous MILF stepmom is all smiling, being happy that her young stepdaughter gets a good hard cock inside her. She craves for the same dick, so they change places. In the same time of being fucked in her pussy by her friend dressed in elf costume, she teases her stepdaughter clitoris. After stepdaughter gets dripping, she gets her pussy over the elf’s face, to be cleaned. Horny and hot stepmom gets greedy and gets the dick in her mouth. Her male friend, the elf, is in heaven now in other words. In the mean time, she doesn’t want the dick anymore so she starts to masturbate, watching her stepdaughter enjoying the moment.

After all, it was their best Christmas day, looking forward for next year or who knows, next holiday.


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